Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kirby of Concord Takes A Look At Various Kirby Vacuum Products

Kirby offers a wide variety of vacuum products to help keep your carpet looking like new each time you vacuum. From replacement parts to specialty cleaning products, Kirby will keep your vacuum operating at its best for years to come and make cleaning your floors easy.

Kirby of Concord - Kirby Products
Kirby of Concord provides F-Style and Twist-Style filtration bags to fit either type of Kirby vacuum. By regularly replacing your vacuum’s bag, you can keep your vacuum operating smoothly and pick up the most dirt and debris possible. These two styles of bags are specifically designed to fit Kirby vacuum models, so you don’t have to worry about finding a bag that will fit properly. You can even choose from different levels of bag filtration, from the standard economic bag to the top filtration bags for allergy sufferers.

You can also purchase replacement parts from Kirby when your vacuum needs to be updated or upgraded and to perform at its best. Kirby offers brush, shampoo system, vacuette, and floor polishing belt replacements. Brush rolls are also sold to replace your existing brush roll or to upgrade your current one. They make special brush rolls for pet owners and another for vacuuming delicate carpet. Replacement hoses, headlight bulbs, power cords, and straight wands are also available.

Kirby makes a wide variety of cleaning products for its customers as well. This helps your carpet look even better when you combine the power of Kirby cleaning products with their vacuums. Choose from a range of spot removers to help keep spills from becoming permanent stains. Whether you want a basic multipurpose spot remover and a pet stain and odor remover, or something specifically designed to remove food or oil and grease, Kirby offers a spot remover to fit your needs.

You can also choose from cleaning products like Kirby’s carpet brightener, which is a shampoo that helps clean tough floors like Berber carpeting. For strong odors like smoke, trash, and pets, use Kirby’s Odor Clean Ultra 3-in-1 spray. This will eliminate odors in your home’s fabrics and carpet and remove allergens. Kirby offers a variety of affordable carpet fresheners that are sprinkled over the floor prior to vacuuming. Here the range of pine, citrus, cinnamon, and other scents are available when you buy Kirby’s Home Fresh cleaner.

Pet owners should use Kirby’s carpet shampoo to deep clean their carpet’s fibers. This shampoo cleans, deodorizes, and gets rid of allergens. This specially formulated shampoo removes pet dander, body oils, and stains easily.